Integrated Mission Management

LEAF SPACE Ground stations Software


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Global Coverage
Worldwide distributed Ground Station Network provides high capacity over different orbits
Fully managed
Every step is fully managed from real-time data transfer to security from baseband processing to scheduling and licensing
East & Fast Integration
RESTful API and pre-integrated Mission Control Software assures quick onboarding to utilize our services
High Flexibility
Support for different frequency bands, modulation schemes, narrowband and wideband
Automatic Scheduling
Powerful scheduling algorithm optimizes contacts for multiple satellites and missions
Leaf Line
Multi-mission ground segment as-a-service

Fully managed, multi-mission, shared Ground Station Network ideal for the operators who need high flexibility, fast service delivery, frequent daily contacts, low latency and best pricing
Leaf Key
Dedicated ground segment as-a-service

Fully-managed, dedicated Ground Station Network ideal for operators of medium-to-large constellations to replace a large upfront investment, dedicated personnel and recurring costs with a monthly subscription plan proportional to the required performance
Leaf Track
Launch Vehicle Track as-a-service

Fully-managed, Launch Vehicle real-time autotrack and TM reception deployed on need with additional support from world-wide distributed Leaf Line network
The Network Cloud Engine

  • Handles the entire orchestration and management of the Ground Station Network and Service operations

  • Provides a single interface to the entire Ground Station Network, abstracting the entire infrastructure from customer

  • 100% in-house developed and maintained

  • Network orchestration based on unique-in-the-market, proprietary automatic scheduling algorithm ensuring the best capacity and coverage efficiency

  • Runs entirely in the cloud on carbon neutral data centres

the launch company GROUND SERVICES


From the sketchpad to the launchpad, we’ll get you there faster.


We’re helping the next generation of launchers get to space faster, cheaper, and more reliably than ever before by developing standardized hardware connections, ground support equipment, and processes.

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From small to large vehicles launched from traditional sited, sea and air-based platforms, The Launch Company provides critical launch support to get our clients to market faster, safer, and efficiently.
We're rethinking aerospace hardware. From fittings to testbeds, we create reliable products with New Space in mind.
We've been fortunate to help clients solve big challenges - We provide hands-on, practical support to teams working on projects outside their mission scope.

SNAJU DEVELOPMENT avionics command & control ground control data transfer

Snaju is a leading technology company providing high-quality, mission-critical solutions for the space industry. We are experienced in designing and implementing systems to meet NASA’s stringent requirements, which means you can be confident that your data will always be safe.

We can handle anything from space platform design & development, all the way to helping you with your LEO (Low Earth Orbit) experiment software so you can collect all the data you need!

Snaju specializes in providing cutting-edge avionic software for space platforms, and helping support experiments with their technology needs, so they always have their data.

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Klepsydra NAVIGATION Software

Klepsydra has developed a suite of on-board computing software products that, inspired by financial trading data processing algorithms, enable heavy data processing/CPU of 8x more data for 50% less energy. 

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There are two main products:

Klepsydra SDK
Klepsydra SDK is a high-performance Software Development Toolkit that can be used for different applications:

- General data processing and/or sensor fusion (agnostic to the kind of data and sensors). 
- It is able to increase the performance for running processor-intensive algorithm (VR/AR, compression, encryption, etc.).

Core benefits

- Safety and reliability
Zero data losses. Klepsydra SDK can guarantee that any sensor data or communications message is going to be processed.
Real-time processing. Klepsydra SDK can process data in real time with much less latency than other solutions, like ROS.
Predictable applications. Applications built with Klepsydra are substantially more stable, predictable and deterministic than other edge solutions.

- Cost
Less hardware cost. With Klepsydra SDK, more tasks can be performed on the same hardware, with less power and without any cloud computing support.
Reduce cloud costs. Because Klepsydra SDK increases edge computer capabilities, less or no cloud computing needed.

- Scalability
Applications tend to increase in data volume with time, for example, better sensors, 5G communications, all amount to more data. Klepsydra SDK allows application to increase their data volume requirements on the same hardware.
Moreover, hardware upgrades will have a longer service life with Klepsydra.
Klepsydra AI
Klepsydra AI is an AI platform (inference engine) that enables to run pre-trained AI/ML models on edge devices. The particular features of this product are that it can process up to 6 times more data with a reduction in the processor power consumption up to 50% (or even more) compared with the main market leaders (Open CV and Tensorflow).

Core benefits

- Safety and reliability
Real-time edge AI. Klepsydra AI can process data in real time with low latency.
Predictable edge AI. Klepsydra AI is substantially more stable, predictable and deterministic than other edge solutions.

- Cost
Less hardware cost. With Klepsydra AI, more data can be processed on the same hardware, with less power and less memory and without any cloud computing support.

- Compatibility
Klepsydra AI is compatible with most AI formats and AI software solutions. It also accept input data in a variety of formats including images and time series. It is model agnostic. 
Furthermore, Klepsydra can be deployed to several edge computers being hardware agnostic.
Klepsydra solutions. Potential use cases: 
- Data processing in general. Agnostic to the kind of data. The larger the amount of data, the better are the performance enhance.

- Sensor fusion. Agnostic to sensors (cameras, Lidars, radars…). All data generated can be collected and send it to the main application, cloud, etc. High level of performances  can be reached(2x-8x more data processed with 50-70% less processor consumption).

- General SDK that allows development applications with optimal use of resources. The SDK allows also to run processor intensive algorithms, like:

- Encryption algorithms. 
- Data compression.
- Data recording in real-time.
- VR/AR.
- Etc.

- AI on-board. Agnostic to the algorithm. AI/ML algorithms can be run on edge devices with high level of performances: up to 6x more data with 50% less CPU consumption compared with main market leaders (TensorFlow Lite and OpenCV).

- Space: EO (image processing), telecom applications, GNSS, AI on-board, exploratory robots, landers, etc.