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We believe in the evolution of knowledge and in the progression of people – they’re our core values and why we call ourselves EVONA… EVO – to evolve, ONA – people.

Through excellent service and experience, we accelerate growth across the upstream & downstream sectors of the global Space industry, supporting build, launch, exploration & infrastructure, through to data driven technology & intelligence to observe and better our planet.

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What we cover (Upstream):
- C-Suite & Senior appointments
- Systems
- Design, Development & Build
- Launch & Operations
- Commercial, Sales & Support Services
- Engineering & Manufacturing Support
What we cover (Downstream)
- C-Suite & Senior appointments
- Data
- A.I.
- Software Development
- Product & Solutions
- Sales
- Operations & Support


Comprehensive Executive Search for Aerospace and Professional Careers
Zimco provides thorough executive searches focused on the aerospace and commercial industries. Through our detailed hiring process, we help your company meet placement requirements for careers covering the following:

  • General Management
  •  Engineering
  • Operations
  • Technical
  • Professional
  • Administrative

Mission Statement
Our firm’s history of success can be traced from a highly focused and fundamental belief that the best candidate for any search is an individual who is successful in his or her current position and will make a career change only if the new opportunity is real and substantial.

Therefore, in every facet of Zimco’s search—from discovery of the essence of the client’s need during the initial interview, to the final pre-employment interview—great care is taken in matching the needs of the client with the experience of the candidate. The main objective has always been to accomplish the search in a timely manner.

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