StartUp Offerings


If you want to focus on one or two services to start, and Bundles are more than you need, then this is the place.  VSS can arrange for a la carte offerings, individual services to get you started with the features and pricing sized specifically for startups like yours. 

The development of your business is a process, not an event, and our Service Providers get it. 

Look through our menu of Service Categories, identify those you feel you’d like to discuss, and drop a note below so we can set up a meeting to discuss your unique needs.

Each Service Provider you request will: 

  • Provide a consultation or demo to get you up to speed  

  • Discuss your company’s stage of development and the minimum services you need at this time  

  • Look to break their services into smaller, more cost-effective pieces to fit your cash flow restrictions 

  • Develop a timeline allowing you to plan for required increases in service levels and the associated costs 

Canvas GFX Design Marketing

With Canvas Envision, every team across the organization can access a single, powerful solution to collaborate using interactive visual documents that leverage the rich data of your 3D CAD models. From engineering through sales and marketing, all the way to service and repair, Canvas Envision empowers everyone to communicate precisely what they need to about your products.

Once you use Envision, you will know why engineers and marketers alike love it!

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Canvas GFX is offering VSS Clients a great startup deal: a 50% Discount!

  • Up to 10 users for one year at $5K/year (Normally $10k)

  • Secure a 3-year subscription for just $12,500 (Normally $30k)

  • Includes a press release (paid by Canvas GFX) and your company story (created by the Canvas GFX marketing team with your/VSS approval)

  • Your story will be on the Canvas GFX website, VSS website, and your own website to promote your brand through social media and inbound eyeballs.

  • 3 hours of dedicated training to develop up to 3 distinct use cases.

  • A 3-week free trial period.


The most important document every Founder needs to have at the ready!  A powerful, concise, and attractive pitch deck.  Doing a raise or planning to, recruiting new team members, telling your story to clients and suppliers? We have the space experience, and the results, you want. 

Ask about our affordable pricing for 5, 10, and 15-page decks.  Other sizes available.

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ASTRALYTICAL Consulting Analysis


15% OFF all Astralytical products and services!  If you want to order directly from the website, ask VSS first for the discount code.

Astralytical is a woman-owned research, consulting, and publishing firm founded in 2016 and located outside of Atlanta. Our focus is high-quality big-picture outlook on the space sector including space-related scientific research, industry and policy analysis, career coaching, and communications. We welcome global clientele for consulting, coaching, project, or ongoing support.

We have served over 25 consulting clients and over 50 coaching clients. We work with small businesses and startups, government agencies, educational institutions, science fiction creators, investors, and market research firms.

We thrive on the intersections of disciplines. Our broad expertise spanning science, technology, exploration, and public policy gives us a unique perspective. We see what others may miss. We strive to expand the vision of our clients.

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