Voyager NewSpace Institute (NSI)

NSI Networking Gala
The Toronto Raptors travel to Miami to take on the Heat on Saturday, but the highly-anticipated first matchup.
6 August - 7 August
Miami, Florida
Wine and Dine with Awesome Space People
The Toronto Raptors travel to Miami to take on the Heat on Saturday, but the highly-anticipated first matchup.
6 August - 7 August
Miami, Florida
Space science trivia night with Nasa Scientists
The Toronto Raptors travel to Miami to take on the Heat on Saturday, but the highly-anticipated first matchup.
6 August - 7 August
Miami, Florida


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International Sales
Buying and selling expensive equipment internationally comes with its own set of challenges. In this course you’ll learn key topics such as:

· How international sales contracts are created using trade documents such as purchase orders;
· Important terms to include in your trade documents;
· How Incoterms® are used to clearly delineate delivery obligations between buyer and seller; and
· Basics of international payment mechanisms and finance options.
Export Controls
There are several sets of regulations that affect the export of physical things and information from the US (and even the reexport of such things after they’ve left the US). In the space industry, these regulations can be quite restrictive. Nevertheless, one can often obtain a license to export such things or find an exception to a licensing requirement in order to achieve one’s goals. In this course, you’ll learn how the following sets of regulations function:

· The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (“ITAR”);
· The Export Administration Regulations (“EAR”);
· The Foreign Trade Regulations (“FTR”); and
· Sanctions governed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (“OFAC”).
Simplified Government Contracting through SBIRs and STTRs
Small businesses can’t compete with primes for big government contracts, and primes can’t offer the government the same innovation and flexibility as small business. Luckily, there’s a program administered by the Small Business Administration which DoD participates in! Small Business Innovation Research (“SBIR”) and Small Business Technology Transfer (“STTR”) programs are a great avenue for SME tech companies to jump into the world of government contracting. In this course you’ll learn:

· How to structure your business to qualify for these programs;
· Potential paths forward for foreign companies establishing their US footprint;
· How to apply for these programs; and
· How these programs work, including how your intellectual property rights are protected.

CFIUS and Foreign Investment in US Businesses


Sarah Nickell is a highly-experienced PR professional with a decade of experience working with high-growth technology companies. She has worked with New Space companies including Voyager Space Holdings, York Space Systems, Space For Humanity, Leaf Space, Vector Launch, Ursa Space, and ICEYE as well as several other tech companies ranging from late-stage to startup and stealth.
Sarah is a talented strategist with a unique ability to capitalize on opportunities quickly. Her understanding of the commercial space market and media landscape puts her in a unique position to help New Space companies launch and grow.

Sarah is based in Denver, CO

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Media Training for Execs:  
Custom 1:1 training so you learn the do’s, don'ts, and tricks of the trade for interviews, on-camera sessions, and building media relationships. 


Employment laws are complicated. If you make a mistake when hiring, training, disciplining, or firing an employee, it can cost you a lot of money and stress.

Employers who know how to follow the rules have a much better chance of staying out of trouble and creating a positive environment for their employees that fosters teamwork and productivity.

Jeff Weintraub, a partner with Fisher Phillips LLP, trains supervisors and managers of companies across the country in all aspects of employment-related best practices. In so doing, he helps companies avoid litigation and focus on what they do best. He has long experience in defending employers in employment lawsuits before juries in federal and State courtrooms.

Fisher Phillips is a national, management-side, labor & employment law firm, with 37 offices across the country. Fisher Phillips is honored to work alongside Voyager Space Services and Aegis Trade Law to provide management and staff training for:

  • Ethics
  • Diversity
  • No-harassment

Offered remotely or in-person. Flat rates regardless of class size available.

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Interviewing Skills Workshop
You can’t afford the time and money wasted by making the wrong hiring decision.  Learn the proper way to interview, measure, and select the right people for your company.
Building & Managing High Performing Teams
Chemistry lies at the heart of a good team.  Learn how to build and then manage powerful, collaborative teams.
Coaching, Counseling, and Performance Reviews
Managing a company involves a lot of 1:1 discussions, feedback sessions, and performance reviews.  Learn to conduct these critical sessions in a way that leads to resolution and the improvement of your team.
The Art of Delegation
Most entrepreneurs, especially engineers, are used to developing and creating ideas on their own.  Building a successful company requires just the opposite.  Learn the difficult but necessary art of delegation and empower the entire team.