Voyager Space Advocacy (VSA)


Under the direction of Eric Stallmer, Voyager Space EVP of Government Affairs & Public Policy, Voyager Space Advocacy is in the business of opening doors for small companies who are looking to enter the U.S. commercial space market. From foreign companies to new entrants in the commercial space industry, we make your business our business by helping clients understand U.S. government plans, executing engagements with federal government policymakers, and helping our clients learn the ins and outs of regulatory challenges that they will face here in the United States. 

Navigating the U.S. Space Industry comes with many hurdles, from regulation and licensing to finding the right government contracts to fund innovative projects. This is where Voyager Space Advocacy comes in, to represent and advocate for our clients to cut through these hurdles with ease. 

Whether it is helping to develop relationships at NASA, the Department of Commerce, or any relevant department or agency involved in commercial, civil, or military space, we leverage our connections and our network in addition to our expertise in the industry to serve the needs of our clients. 

Prior to joining Voyager Eric was the President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation. CSF is the most recognized and largest trade organization dedicated to promoting policies and best practices fostering the development of the commercial spaceflight industry. Under Stallmer’s leadership, CSF worked tirelessly to craft the modern Commercial Space Launch Act, as well as to promote innovation as a national policy to spur the economy and create high technology jobs. 

Fenimore Ventures Managing consulting Strategic planning Capital sourcing Business development DC policy

Founded in 2007 by successful Software and Services Executives, FVI is an award-winning, National Full Service Boutique Consulting and Services Company.  FVI focuses on Start-Ups, Step-Ups, Turn-Arounds and Companies preparing for Hyper-Growth or Re-Incarnation.

With offices in New York, Washington DC, Chicago, and Los Angeles, FVI delivers performance-based results to Global 500, Technology Start-Ups, NewSpace, and Government/National Defense clients.

FVI is also the author of the widely acclaimed “Nine P’s” Program- a data-driven, metrics and analytics-based cross-organization  program, that verifies a viable commercial product offering; builds a logic and market-based multi-year operating plan; and  drives consistent behavior, direction, execution and realistic Operating Performance and Growth Plans.

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Strategic consulting
Business Consulting, Financial Capital Investment, Operating Plan Development, Board Advisement
Contingency-based Search and Contract Programming Services
FVI acts as client sales and GTM team for new product offerings, start-ups, and organizations introducing themselves to the North American marketplace
Federal Sales, Congressional Liaison, Market Development Services
Cyber-Security, Risk Management, Performance Management, Big Data/Analytics, Government/National Defense, New Space, Cloud, IOT, Satellite Comms.
Government and Commercial Launch Services and Sales, business consulting, strategic design/development, satellite technologies and strategic plan development and design.

Defense Trade Solutions

Take your international business to the next level.

We are a team of enthusiasts that simplify your international business needs, advance the economic security of the U.S. defense industrial base, and balance U.S. Government national security & foreign policy interests.

We are more than consultants; we are allies for your defense exports journey. We strive to bridge strategy to implementation in all areas of Security Cooperation, Technology Security & Foreign Disclosure, International Traffic in Arms Regulations, and Global Trade Managed Services to the U.S. space, defense, and aerospace industry.

We endeavor to maintain a customer-focused & success-driven organization at the nexus of our client’s goals and strategic objectives. Disruptive, Trust, and Service. These are the core values that set us apart.

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Security Cooperation
Government-to-government sales are a significant portion of the defense trade market, but they are not the most consistent or predictable in terms of when you will be on contract. We guide you through the security assistance & cooperation enterprise to access business intelligence, acquire new business, and shore up current contracts.
Technology Security & Foreign Disclosure
Do dreaded export license denials and restrictive provisos sound familiar? Sensitive technology developed by US Industry is frequently restricted from export. We provide exportability strategies for your products and facilitate release of technologies that the U.S. Government deems critical.
International Traffic in Arms Regulations
Fines, penalties, and contract debarment due to export violations are everywhere. Companies with agile compliance programs have a competitive advantage when conducting international business. We navigate export controls to develop international sales and decrease friction of compliance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR).
Global Trade Managed Services
International business is a lot to manage. Successful sales and program management are essential to compete in the global marketplace. Our experts can integrate into your business and support your sales and program personnel through defense exports business process outsourcing of Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) process needs. We also break down internal roadblocks to help you create efficiency within your organization’s international activity.