Voyager Testing Marketplace

The Voyager Testing Marketplace is in the midst of onboarding several new testing providers in a wide variety of areas from different parts of the country. We expect these new providers to be live in the next 30-60 days, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your needs.   

We can set things in motion now and get you started.  And let us know if YOU have testing capacity to sell! 

Check back here for the launch of the Voyager Testing Marketplace sub-site!


An innovative leader in LEO Satellite Servicing, Cooperative Servicing Interfaces, and Custom Space Machines, Altius Space machines has made its testing hardware available to other space companies.

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THERMAL VACUUM ENVIRONMENTS TESTING: Altius maintains an assortment of vacuum chambers for vacuum compatibility and survival TVAC testing and bake-outs. Altius can simulate space environments down to vacuum pressures <1 x 10^-5 Torr and temperatures suitable for most mission requirements. Altius has the capability to monitor outgassing contamination with a Residual Gas Analyzer (RGA) for sensitive components.
-120 to +150 C <10^5 Torr Residual Gas Analysis (RGA)
LAUNCH LOADS & HARMONIC RESPONSE: The vibration table is capable of simulating launch environments and sinusoidal harmonic responses for structural and fatigue analysis. Altius maintains a variety of accelerometers to suit most data acquisition needs, and can provide additional channels as needed.
7000 lbf
3-axis Launch simulation
Sinusoidal harmonic response
HIGHLY ACCELERATED TESTING: Altius' Typhoon thermal vibration chamber is capable of simultaneous thermal/vibration accelerated life testing with very high ramp rates (up to 20 deg C per minute) for aerospace and ruggedized components. The Typhoon is ideal for extreme lifetime testing of flight hardware. The highly accelerated stress screening is useful for in-stream testing of production electronics and hardware.
-100 to +200 C
>20 deg/min ramp rates Random Acceleration up to 64 Grms
Simultaneous thermal/vibration testing
TENSILE & COMPRESSION TESTING: Altius' Instron Tensile-Compression tester is capable of producing up to 30 kN of tensile or compressive force to stress-test materials. Altius provides a number of fixturing methods including wedge grips and loading blocks, able to meet many ASTM and Mil specs for tensile/compressive strength.

Up to 30 KN tension and compression testing of materials and components

Nanoracks Hardware & Manufacturing Testing Deployment OSAM

Nanoracks is using space to improve life on Earth

Our history at Nanoracks is in providing commercial access to space for small research payloads. Our future is in owning and operating private space stations and platforms. As Nanoracks continues to always meet our growing customer needs in orbit, we’re also leaping into new territory that will allow us to use our unique access to space to mitigate space debris and bring tangible changes to life on Earth, from water scarcity to climate change.

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Payload Services
With over 1,300 projects launched to space to-date, we know how to get it done. It’s not easy, but we are the experts. From microgravity research to small satellites, to low-Earth orbit and deep space.
First Commercial Airlock
The Bishop Airlock is the first-ever commercial, permanent addition to the International Space Station. Bishop brings five times more volume than currently available for customers and is now open for business.
In-Space Platforms
We will soon own, operate, and leverage commercial destinations. These platforms and space stations will focus on scientific discoveries, human exploration, industrial production, and more.

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